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Large Menu June 12 2013 Outlined 72dpi
$7.69 Fanny's Finest An Old Sacramento Tradition! Our famous burger comes fully dressed with all the fixins’ plus Bar-B-Que sauce, all on a fresh baked bun.

$8.29 CHEESEBURGER The fully dressed classic Fanny’s Finest topped with your choice of cheese. Choose from Cheddar, Swiss, American, Monterey Jack or Pepper Jack cheese. Add bleu cheese for 25¢ $8.99 Jiffy Burger This is the one you have to try... Our famous burger covered with creamy peanut butter, thick cut bacon and jack cheese. Ask for onions on this one, it’s powerful good! $8.99 The Great Bacon Burger King of all burgers! Our classic burger with all the fixin's plus your choice of cheese and a heapin' helpin' of bacon strips. $8.69 Island Burger Top our world famous burger with teriyaki sauce, mayo, Swiss cheese & a ring of pineapple. A sensational taste of the islands! $9.29 Pastrami Burger Fanny’s Finest topped with a pile of grilled pastrami, 1000 Island & Swiss cheese. $8.69 Bravo Avocado Hip hip hooray for our finest burger topped with fresh avocado slices, sour cream, diced mild green chilies & pepper jack cheese. $8.69 Sourdough Burger Our delicious burger on grilled sourdough with special mustard, grilled onions, pickles & cheddar cheese. $9.29 Thunder Humper Our juicy burger served open face, piled high with Kick Ass Chili and topped with chopped onion and cheddar cheese. $9.29 Singin' the Blues Burger Add bleu cheese crumbles, mayo and thick cut bacon to the World Famous Fanny's finest Burger! $9.49 Big Papa Everyone will love our traditional burger with lightly brushed Bar-B-Que sauce, an onion ring, cheddar cheese, and bacon strips. $9.49 Sourdough Pastrami Burger Take the spectacular sourdough burger and add a helping of grilled pastrami. $8.69 Uncle Al's Burger Our juicy burger with Frank's Red Hot sauce, BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, grilled jalepenos, grilled onions, special mustard, lettuce and tomato.
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Fanny's Finest

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