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Large Menu June 12 2013 Outlined $4.79 Ho Hum AA toothsome delight unadorned with extravaganza (Plain).

$4.99 It's Nacho Dog A recipe stolen from a ball park in Great Falls, Idaho! Nacho cheese & dog (tasty from either end...) $4.99 Relish The Thought A delicious doggy with sweet pickle relish. (Sure to raise your I.Q.) $5.29 Tex Mex A dainty tidbit of Old Mexico... Kick Ass Chili (Texas style), onions & cheese. $5.49 The Eldorado The Cadillac of weenies comes with, chili, onions & nacho cheese (Hood ornament not included...)
No 69 It's Nacho Dog
No 69 It's Nacho Dog

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